Passed event

The talk was held on 11 Dec 2021 virtually over zoom and attended by 45 individuals from various backgrounds. The workshop participants were touched by the authentic and heart-felt sharings of Pastor Alvin's journey towards caregiving for his beloved wife, which was complemented with valuable and practical tips on intentional caregiving. In line with the topic of caregiving, PPCSS volunteer lawyer, Mrs Kwok continued the second part of this talk by introducing LPA, the dos and don'ts of establishing LPA. The talk closed with several practical questions posed and duly answered by the speakers and participants were thankful to the speaker as well as the excellent emceeing by our pioneering member, Mr Philip Liau. 



The Owl Plays 

Children's Day 2021 With the Safe Management Measures (SMM) in place, ‘The Owl Plays’ program went online this year. This included the Children’s Day celebration. Two different lineups were planned for the two classes - ‘Junior’ and ‘Senior’ class, running for a duration of 30 minutes, and an hour and a half respectively. Prior to the virtual celebration, volunteers purchased gifts, such as toys and food, for the children. They also liaised with the children’s parents to deliver the gifts to their places as a surprise for the children. The ‘Junior’ class, made up of children aged four to six, opened with a book titled ‘Birthday Parties’. The story was later linked to ‘Children’s Day’ parties, and the children shared how they celebrated this special day at school. After the sharing, the children pretended to be detectives and engaged in a game of ‘Spot the Difference’ of different party scenes. The celebration closed with the children’s mother presenting them with the gifts, which were delivered to their place a few days before. Children, aged seven and eight, from the ‘Senior’ class were greeted with a surprise gift delivery from the teachers at the start of the virtual celebration. After the surprise delivery, the children took turns sharing their gifts and excitement with one another. The celebration ended with a quiz and Kahoot game, and virtual photo taking.






HCA Household blessing report

HCA Hospice Care (HCA) is Singapore’s largest home hospice care provider and a registered charity organization since the 1980s.

As one of NCSS Centre of Specialisation for palliative care, one of the establishment’s core services is ‘Home Hospice Care’ which aims to support both patients and their caregivers with a smooth transition to end-of-life care.

Instead of long hospital stays and frequent trips to the outpatient clinics, patients are now able to spend precious time with their loved ones in the familiarity of their own homes without compromising the quality of care they require because of their condition. Here, patients and their families are supported by a multidisciplinary team of doctors, nurses, and medical social workers free of charge. The team not only conducts frequent home visits but also provides individualized care for each patient depending on their needs. HCA also supports both patients and their caregivers mentally, physically, and emotionally. A round the clock care helpline is also readily available.

Towards the end of March, Eternal Life (EL) embarked on ‘Project Home Cheer 2021’ where they came together with PPCSS (Potters Place Community Services Society), to volunteer with HCA. The purpose of this project is to cheer up patients, raise awareness of home hospice care through volunteerism, as well as to bring about the gift of love and friendship between the beneficiaries and volunteers.

In preparation for this, volunteers formed small groups to purchase and pack gift hampers which were to be distributed to HCA’s beneficiaries’ households on both 27th (Saturday) and 28th of March (Sunday). The hampers consisted of both basic necessities and $20 non-cigarette and alcohol vouchers. Before heading down, the leader of each group contacted their assigned beneficiary to confirm the date and time for the passing of the gift hamper.

A total of 73 households located mainly in the west, east, and north area of Singapore was blessed by this outreach. Children bags were also given to 13 households where beneficiaries were identified to be below 19 years of age.

Below are some reflections by some of the volunteers:

“It's a wonderful feeling to bless people who are really in need. Can't express the feeling when we see the smile of the recipient. How wonderful God we have. We feel so blessed.”                                                                                                                                                                                               Leonor, Philipino LG

“Household 1:

A man living alone with a heart condition looking weak but alert. We brought the goodie bags right to the kitchen as he was too weak to carry them himself. He was very appreciative & kept thanking us as we were leaving. My heart felt painful for him as he had to cope with a terminal condition while being alone at home. I struggled to leave as he seemed to be lonely and in need of care but we were unable to stay longer nor do more to help him.

Household 2:

The patient under HCA passed on a few days prior to our visit. The family had to conduct some funeral rites. So we had to deliver a day after that. My wife was very happy to receive such help. She even asked her daughter to thank us. There were smiles on their faces as we bade them farewell. Glad we could bring some comfort through our donations in the midst of their loss and grief.”                                                                                           Lay Leng, English Congregation, AgapeWell LG

“Our group called before the visit.  The son answered, "My dad has been hospitalised, but my sister will be there to receive you". When we arrived, we were met by a lady in her mid-sixties.  She is older than all of us!  It made us realise the aging population is real. The caregivers are retired and they are looking after their even older parents.”                                                                                                                                                                    Kian Kong, English Congregation, Hillview LG

“I sensed the fatigue of the caregiver, both physically and emotionally. She was up through the night to arrange for hospital discharge and was woken up the next morning by our delivery. I am encouraged by how, even in the midst of such a challenge, she still smiled and was appreciative of these little things we could give.”

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Shuwen, 华文堂青少年  Chinese Youth, Prayer People

“我们能够与小组的弟兄姊妹,甘心乐意的奉献与付出,並且去超市寻觅要采购的日常用品等。。我们都是存感恩的心,也盼望籍着这个礼包,不但可以祝福那些病患者和看顧者,也能夠让他们感受到上帝的爱。而且在送礼包的交谈中,看到病患者的家人,尽管是面临了挑战和困难,她还是以积极和愉快的心情来照顾病患者,这是我们可以给予她的敬意。这也给以我们正面的价值观,当以积极的态度,来帮助有需要的人,让上帝的爱也临到他们。”              Brother Jimmy, 武吉巴督小组-华文堂会

“As we were shopping for the various items for the beneficiary, we noticed how the items to be given were much cheaper than what we would usually buy for our own household. At that moment, we recognized how privileged we were. We thank God, with much humility and gratitude, that we are able to participate in such a project to bless others just as God has blessed us!”                                                                                                                                EL Youth Secondary Division

“Helping out in the HCA delivery with my cell group has given me the opportunity to be a channel of blessing and spread God's love to the family in need. In Mark 12:31 (ESV), it says, "The second is this: 'You shall love your neighbour as yourself.’ There is no other commandment greater than these." Truly, thank God for this experience to live out this bible verse!”                                                                                                                                                          Amanda Leo, YA LG