Annual Report



For Period June 2020 - May 2021





            President:               Robert Lum Siew Loke

            Vice-President:       Lim Ping

            Secretary:               Chris Chan Wei Keh

            Treasurer:               Won Kum Heng

            Committee:             Lim Kok Chieng, Steven Tang Mun Kit


            Ad-hoc                      Kong Li Shin & Heah Yong Chian

            Full time staff:       Ho Soh Li


            Internal Auditors: David Tui and Peter Kwok





2.1     PPCSS is a voluntary, non-profit organization registered in December 2000. We are a full member of the National Council of Social Services and a Family Life Ambassador.


            2.2      Our Focus is to:


Enrich the emotional, intellectual, spiritual, social and physical well-being of Children and Youth


 Enhance the building of strong family foundations and cohesiveness


 Enable the needy through relief programs and services, as well as encouraging social interaction and a healthy lifestyle


3.        ACTIVITIES & PROGRAMS PPCSS activities between June 2020 to May 2021 were pivoted to comply with the prevailing changes in the different iterations of the government’s Safe Management Measures. Specifically, the PPCSS Office adopted telecommuting mode of operation, PPCSS activities that involve on-site interaction were conducted online, PPCSS activities that require prolonged and proximate face-to-face interactions e.g. Free Hair-cuts were put on hiatus or modified to limit face-to-face interactions e.g. the Welfare Assistance Scheme. Notwithstanding, PPCSS was able to embark on  Project Home Cheer – in partnership with Eternal Life Assembly – to distribute care packages to beneficiaries of HCA Hospice Care.


3.1.     The Owl Plays.  The reading program for children aged 4 to 8 years old with materials from Raz-Kids [] between 3 pm to 4 pm on Saturdays. The programme had resumed in April 2021 with 2 pax in the Juniors programme which is held on-site and 3 pax in the Seniors programme which is held online but with 1 on-site meeting per month.  As of 8 May 2021, the senior programme which uses a hybrid face-to-face/online format has continued online while the junior programme which utilises a face-to-face format has been put on hiatus as the junior members have difficulty adapting to the online sessions.


3.2.     Royal Rangers.    Royal Rangers is an international leadership and enrichment program for children/youth ages 5 to 17. From the youngest age group of Ranger Kids (5-7 years old) to the oldest group of Expedition Rangers (15-18 years old), a child is encouraged to take up leadership roles with frequent opportunities for dedicated leaders, called commanders to mentor them in exciting camping, outdoor adventure as well as indoor activities.  The weekly Saturday programme has pivoted to online mode with 32 Rangers completing the Computer Merit, Pets Merit, Disability Awareness Merit and the Fishing Merit. Two of its junior leaders, Lauren Chee and Elizabeth Chua achieved the Bronze National Youth Achievement Award (NYAA) for their leadership, service and self-mastery in March and June 2021 respectively. 


3.3.     Counselling Services.  We offer counselling services for those who need someone to talk to in their life journey. These services are non-chargeable for 1st five sessions. The counselling services have pivoted online and a total of 20 cases were handled for the reporting year. All cases were supervised by a consultant.


3.4.       Legal Counselling Services.  Our Free Legal Counselling (FLC) is supported by 2 lawyers and 2 law interns from SMU. The services have been put on hiatus as of May 2021 the government’s Safe Management Measures. 


3.5        Free Hair Cut. This free haircut service are meant for senior citizens staying in the rental blocks of 419 and 422, Casa Clementi, who are wheelchair-bound or who have difficulty in walking. This activity has been suspended since February 2020 due to COVID-19.


3.6      Welfare Assistance Scheme.  This scheme assists the needy by providing financial aid as well as information on other assistance schemes available from government & welfare agencies. For the reporting year, a total of $8,830 (last year $10,720) was disbursed to 6 beneficiaries and supported by 4 voluntary befrienders who are assigned to look after the welfare of our beneficiaries.


3.7      Seminars, Talks & Workshops. The Seminars, Talks and Workshop sessions was put on hold due to the dynamic regulatory changes for on-site sessions and the plethora of online seminars, talks and workshops throughout the year.


3.8      Others.


3.8.1.             PPCSS Project Home Cheer partnered with Eternal Life Assembly to distribute care packages families who are beneficiaries of HCA Hospice Care. A total of 77 packages were distributed between 27 to 28 April 2021. This project is a continuation of PPCSS’ strategy of a more targeted distribution rather than mass saturation of care packages.


3.8.2.             PPCSS COVID-19 Assistance Fund provided temporary relief to several individuals who were affected by the pandemic. The Fund has been used to support practical help i.e. food purchases and groceries for individuals who require interim support beyond the  slew of cash-based COVID-19 relief measures dispensed by the government.  The provisions in the Fund has been expended and the Fund will be closed as of 31 May 2021.




            4.1.    There are 20 Ordinary Members as of 31 May 2021.


            4.2.    There are 86 Volunteers as of 31 May 2021.



Reported by: Chris Chan Wei Keh, Secretary